Discover the vibrant world of K:Dance with an evening showcasing works by leading artists from the Korean contemporary dance scene. Now in its seventh year, Kontemporary Korea is part of the national Festival of Korean Dance 2024.

★★★★ ‘prepare to be mesmerized: a festival of Korean dance’ (Londonist, 2019)

Tomorrowisnowtodayisyesterday (TiNTiY) by Sung Im Her

Sung Im Her’s TiNTiY looks at the impact of (social) media on society as it focuses on oversharing, over-saturation and the bombardment of information, reflecting the physiological effects of this on the physical body. The work plays with the fun aspects of challenges, memes, skits and all manner of ‘entertaining content’ that is shared on these platforms, but counters this with the realities behind the facade. These darker undertones include an unending multitude of opinions, alternative truths and conspiracy theories, which help create confusion, anxiety and perpetuate the unease and precarity faced in society.

Performed on a stage, where the starkness of its raw form is highlighted with only designed lighting and club like sounds composed by musical duo Husk Husk filling the space, three dancers perform overly produced gestures, as they move between their independent selves, into a shared entanglement and back again, blurring the lines of their individual and collective identities.

About Sung Im Her

Born in South Korea, Sung Im Her obtained a master’s degree in contemporary dance at Hansung University. She also studied in Belgium at P.A.R.T.S., the acclaimed contemporary dance school led by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker.

As a performer she has worked in with companies in Korea and Belgium including, Ji-Gu Dance Theater, Les ballets C de la B, Needcompany, Abattoir Fermé, Opéra de Lille and more.

As a choreographer, Sung Im has been selected for development programmes Testbeds Catalyst, Aerowaves 21, Choreodrome at The Place. She has been commissioned by Seoul Performing Arts Festival, Counterpoint Arts and Korean Arts Council, and supported by Arts Council England, Seoul Foundation of Arts and Culture, Horizon Showcase and more.

Flight by Melancholy Dance Company

"The performance 'Flight' aims to express the human endeavor to soar towards goals through leaps and falls. It portrays the process of overcoming the limits of human capability, which one cannot conquer alone, through a complete flight shared by two individuals.

""You will experience overcoming the limits of human capability, something that cannot be achieved alone, through the remarkable movements of two individuals.""

About Melancholy Dance Company

Melancholy Dance Company, founded in 2016 by choreographer Cheol-in Jeong, sees the world we live in itself as art and creates works that various audiences can sympathize with. With the theme of human life such as Flight, 0g and Übermensch, Mobility our works contain messages with an insight into human beings and phenomena through variations with speed, rhythm, and weight. Choreographer Cheol-in Jeong embraces the melancholic emotions that he faces and tries to show the reach to the future and the ideal by overcoming the limitations and expansion of body language through art.

A Festival of Korean Dance 2024, including Kontemporary Korea, is supported by Korean Cultural Centre UK and Korea Arts Management Service, produced in partnership with The Place, The Lowry, Tramway, Dance City and Pavilion Dance South West.

Dates and times

This event finished on 18 May 2024.

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